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Nayara Hotel Spa & Gardens Will Make You Move to Costa Rica

Nayara Hotel Spa

The active Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica might sound a bit dangerous or life threatening, but the truth is that this is a tropical playground that will make you fall in love with this country. Travelers might be surprised to find soaring canopies, roaring waterfalls, and deep caves worth exploring here; but at the end of the day, nothing beats resting your feet at the Nayara Hotel Spa & Gardens.

Hidden deep in the Arenal Volcano National Park, where Mother Nature awaits you with incredible surroundings and views, this hotel is something else. Untamed and free to grow without human constraints, the area where this hotel can be found reminds us of a time when people used to respect and admire life, rather than destroying it to built mammoth concrete buildings.

With that in mind, the construction of the Nayara Hotel made use of local, artisanal materials that both supported the local economy, and safeguarded the delicate eco-balance of the area. Regardless, guests will be overwhelmed by luxury and beautiful decor at the family-friendly resort.

How do lush tropical gardens, jetted tubs, complimentary WiFi and private outdoor spaces sound?

Nayara Hotel Spa

One you arrive here, you are faced with a difficult decision: staying in or wondering outside? But both of those choices will offer you incredible satisfaction and happiness. As wonderfully decorated and beautiful each and every room looks like, the Nayara Hotel Spa & Gardens invites its guests to take in a range of guided tours and activities.

If you’re all about adventure, you will find zip-lining, water rafting, ATV rides or horseback riding to be your favorite part of the offer. Toning it down might sometimes be your desire, which is why you will be able to take in the local hot springs or take a night-time forest walk or a relaxing volcano walk, as well.

Come night fall, guests will be able to choose between one of three restaurants at the Nayara Hotel, and then they could end their day enjoying the large outdoor pool or one of the many treatments from the hotel’s generous spa.

Nayara Hotel Spa


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