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Nandana Resort in the Bahamas

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Found at the far West End of the island of Grand Bahama, within an exclusive community, this stunningly superb resort was designed and built as an Asian beach resort by de Reus Architects.

The so-called Nandana includes 5 villa suites arranged around a central Main Hall. The buildings are crafted from genuinely natural materials like copper roofs, limestone covered exteriors and large amounts of Burmese teak, a wood essence mainly used in the industry of yachting, which, in this case, was used to manufacture the floors, walls and ceilings, as well as for the exterior.

Each and every one of the villas is surrounded by decks, also crafted from teak, while the 120-feet infinity edge pool and the Main Hall also boast constructions from the same wood variety of wood. More interestingly, most of the tremendous quantity of teak wood used here was refurbished from decommissioned Asian vessels. The dock area includes three slips, being capable of accommodating even large vessels, of up to 110 feet in length. If your yacht is bigger than that, the adjacent marina is the place to moor it.

Don’t mind us talking about all the teak used at the Nandana, as it is quite impressive. The painstaking work was entirely done by Teak Solutions and the brand has reportedly sent 20 experienced carpenters from Germany to the Bahamas, to help out Nandana’s construction. The team had spent around two years at the spot, having worked with 300 teak logs languishing in Burma and containers of reclaimed teak sourced from sailing vessels, all purchased by the German brand. After the purchase, the wood was transported to India, where it was milled, and then shipped to the Bahamas.


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