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Munitio’s Nines Tactical Earphones with gold & titanium finish

By Adrian Prisca


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Having created the world’s first titanium coated and 18-carat gold plated headphones back in 2010, Munitio, a manufacturer of headphones located in San Diego, has recently lifted the curtains of the staggering Nines GLD Tactical 9 mm Earphones, at the Consumer Electronic Show, edition 2013, in Las Vegas.

The earphones feature earth neodymium 9 mm drivers encased within a Bass Enhancing Chamber. They also include an in-line 3-button suppressor mic control, alongside noise-isolating Silicone Hollow Points. Resembling a pair of bullets and finished with brilliant deep gold titanium-coating, they have been intricately designed, developed and manufactured in order to provide the best of sound quality while sharing an extraordinarily unique appearance. They can easily put out tight, low, thundering bass, free of any sort of distorting waves.

These earphones exude something that makes them quite intriguing. Although pretty elegant and bling, they look like they could match virtually any sort of character, putting together top sound quality with an edgy design vibe. They were in fact machined out from single pieces of copper alloy housings with Kevlar-reinforced cloth cables for improved durability.

The Nines GLD Tactical 9 mm Earphones in gold titanium-coated finish cost $169 per pair. The package also comprises a cable clip, a replacement set of Silicone Hollow Points and a special ballistic nylon carrying case.


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