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Montblanc Remembers Johannes Kepler With A $1.5M Piece

By Victor Baker


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Montblanc Johannes Kepler

Montblanc’s latest collection celebrates the incredible life and amazing work of Johannes Kepler. The German astronomer and mathematician is responsible for the laws of planetary motion, and Montblanc’s Homage to Johannes Kepler High Artistry Limited Edition collection consists five items meant to make us remember that in the best way possible. Please note that each of these writing instruments was designed to capture the sparkling brilliance of the stars and planets that Kepler loved so much.

First, the Johannes Kepler High Pede Serpentari Limited Edition 39 was inspired by a book by Kepler called De Stella Nova in Pede Serpentarii. Featuring a white gold theme, with a cap lacquered in a rich blue and boasting a ring of diamonds, this pen’s barrel was adorned with 3d engravings of the Sagittarius and Ophiuchus constellations. Limited to only 39 pieces, of course, this base model is priced at $48,130.

Next, the Johannes Kepler High Artistry Astronomia Nova Limited Edition 9 will cost you $140,000 and it’s meant to honor the year 1609 and the release of Kepler’s book Astronomia Nova. The Ophiuchus and Sagittarius constellations appear once more, this time as an Au750 gold skeletonized overlay against the blue lacquer background. Diamonds mark the stars while colored gemstones represent the planets.

Montblanc Johannes Kepler

Moving on with the Johannes Kepler High Artistry Somnium Limited Edition 5, a pen that features a little bit of horological artistry, something worth considering once you find out it costs between $513,000 and $556,000, depending on the color you choose. This extraordinary pen features an automatic watch movement in the form of a moon-phase indicator on the cap. A central Montblanc logo rotates when the movement is operating, as the movement is powered by a special rewinder will keep things interesting.

Last, but not least, the Johannes Kepler High Artistry Stella Nova Limited Edition 1 will set you back a cool $1.5 million. 570 diamonds and 5,294 sapphires were masterfully arranged to remind you of the Milky Way. This jaw dropping pen comes with its own porcelain stand, designed by Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, that’s shaped to resemble a seventeenth century scrolled collar that Kepler himself wore.

Also included are a pair of cufflinks shaped like Kepler’s model of the solar system. Kudos to you, sir!

Montblanc Johannes Kepler

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