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Montante Cicli creates limited edition Maserati bikes

The Italian company Montante Cicli has designed and developed a strictly limited edition of stylish racing bicycles based on the Maserati 8CTF. These racing bikes mark the seventieth anniversary of the Maserati 8CTF victory at the Indianapolis 500 and are crafted to detail, adorning the classic details including the wine-red frame of the Indianapolis-winning car of 1940.

The bikes are supposed to let you experience the passion of four wheels on just two wheels. The trademark of Maserati, the trident is also showcased on the bike in the hub of the circles and the saddle, handlebars and loops of pedals are wrapped in leather to match the driver’s seat of the Indy500 racing car.

Montante Cicli will make only 200 Maserati 8CTF cycles, each one numbered and carrying the name of its owner. The bicycles will be available in three sizes and will be priced at $3,872 each.



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