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Mole Design Turned the Alfa Romeo 4C into a Real Beast

Alfa Romeo 4C Mole Design

The Italian car tuners from Mole Design have just unleashed this insane sports car into the world, an Alfa Romeo 4C like no other. Showing off a crazy widebody look, this thing seems to have endless reserves of power to unleash upon the asphalt below its shiny wheels.

Instantly recognizable, this Alfa still displays the standard front grille and badging, although it quickly becomes obvious this is an extreme example of automotive fun. The guys from Mole Design have worked their magic on the front air intakes, replaced the front headlights and added higher front nose parts as well; it’s safe to assume the resulting look will leave everyone stunned, but that’s just part of the story.

Alfa Romeo 4C mole design

On the sides, this Alfa Romeo features new fenders as well as a new cut out air intake design and sporty side skirts. At the back, there’s a new bonnet cover and custom tailpipes that will easily make anyone understand that this customized project means business. Speaking of which – as cool as this thing looks, there is no word on technical upgrades, though.

As such, we have to assume that the powertrain has remained untouched, which means that the 1.75-liter turbocharged inline 4 cylinder engine still develops 237 hp. I have to admit, that number seems a bit disappointing, as we stand here and daydream about this scary little thing. Something in the area of 500 hp would have been a lot more fitting for this ravishing design. Any thoughts?

Alfa Romeo 4C mole design


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