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Mobikoma is a Concept Tablet Phone or Phone Tablet

By Adrian Prisca


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Everyone has seen huge monitors and displays  which are made of a number of smaller modules, to make up a large image. Kamil Izrailov has managed to do it on an even smaller scale, making up a phone / tablet from smaller modules that tie together via micro locks which was named Mobikoma.

Every module is powered by its own supply, while the thinking is done by individual processors. They’re made to be combined and used as a whole, be it either tablet or phone. The SIM card and microphone have their own dedicated modules, these elements being intelligently and easily distinguishable by some unique etchings on their backs. It connects to the internet via wi-fi.

There are a large number of options to choose from when combining these modules together. Either you need a phone or a tablet, they have the same efficiency. Plus, if you can get over the grid that covers the screen, it would make for a nice gadget.


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