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The Milk Desk – Technology and Design to Help You Work Better

By Brody Patterson


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Here’s something that will not only look great in your study, but might also be quite helpful in your work. Introducing the Milk Desk, a beautiful, minimalist desk created by Danish designer Soren Rose.

This intriguing piece of equipment keeps your workspace clutter free and is ergonomic and responsive, as you can electronically adjust the height at the mere touch of a button and switch from working sitting down to standing up when you feel you might be putting a bit too much strain on your back.

The Milk Desk is also customizable, allowing you to change its layout as you please. It comes with four square modular spaces and you can choose from several options whatever fits your type of work, with a paper basket, pencil holders, tool box, smartphone, and tablet drawer with in-desk cable routing all available. There’s even the option of adding an aquarium, if the sight of fish peacefully swimming around relaxes you.

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