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Master Gravity with the £38,000 Elysium-R Chair


Dubbed as the world’s most advanced chair, the Elysium-R is currently on display at Rolls-Royce’s London dealership and it looks like a match made in heaven next to the new Phantom. This £38,000 chair is a fine example of sophistication and luxury, a chair that neutralizes gravity, implementing flotation theory, to redefine the word relaxation.

Showing off near-black pure aniline leather, with a black chrome-plated stainless steel base, an almond-gold frame and gel-filled armrests, this extraordinary chair will be produced in a limited run of just 18 units, each of them bound to get anyone in a complete state of awe.

Elysium-R’s unique flotation mechanism is derived from years and years of research into human kinetics, allowing users to move silently in zero-gravity conditions. Who said you need NASA to feel weightless?


Once you sit on this chair, you won’t be satisfied in any other. It will find your ideal position by simply shifting your weight around, similar to how a rider finds his perfect position, while he or she enjoys the thrills of a motorcycle.

There are also a few health benefits to consider, such as improved blood circulation, less demand placed on the heart and reduced back muscle activity – all that comes with a cost, obviously.

To have Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London hosting the launch of the Elysium-R proves once again that automotive technology and brilliant engineering are able to cross over into other areas of human interest and make our days even more enjoyable.



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