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Mars Chess set made from carbon fiber and aluminum

By Adrian Prisca


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Even though it’s not the most breathtaking chess set, the gorgeous Mars Chess set is in fact a state of the art achievement of its manufacturer. Exquisitely crafted from precision machined solid aluminum and carefully trimmed and sculpted to perfection, each of the pieces sports smooth contours, extremely pleasant to touch.

Chess enthusiasts will definitely love this one, as it could make for quite a special piece to their collection. A downside to the set would be addiction, because its sheer beauty and elegance could drive the players’ minds to a halt while handling the superbly crafted pieces.

Through this statement we want to highlight the captivating appearance of the set pieces which could make the player not want to focus on anything else than the game itself. Standing out from the other parts, the pawns, queens and kings share very distinctive looks, keeping your mind focused on their protection.

The other interesting part of this Chess set is the board, which in this case is manufactured from carbon fiber and black-painted glass. This alone is a feature that might radically increase its value in the eyes of connoisseurs.


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