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Marie-Hélène De Taillac Takes The Baccarat Name To New Heights

By Victor Baker


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Marie-Hélène De Taillac

French jewelry designer Marie-Hélène De Taillac has decided we’re all worthy of dreaming and living our wildest fantasies, taking us on a magical journey to a cascade of octagonal crystals. She turned Baccarat‘s emblematic red box into a new exciting universe, with clear crystal, blue lagoon, olive green, powder pink and ruby red stones, making us believe in love at first sight once again.

Marie-Hélène De Taillac’s new jewelry collection includes includes striking drop earrings, chandeliers, amazing rings, and glamorous necklaces with gold and silver settings, each of these pieces looking totally charming, enchanting our eyes and thoughts and leaving us powerless.

Marie-Hélène De Taillac

It was back in 1993, when the Baccarat brand began making jewelry, and a few years later, in 1997, the same brand expanded its influence into the perfume market. The company even owns two museums right now, namely the Musée Baccarat in Baccarat, Meurthe-et-Moselle, and the Musée Baccarat in Paris on the Place des États-Unis, but they’re always trying to surprise us all with the next best thing.

That’s why some of the business names in the business decide to collaborate with Baccarat to help influence the world and put their names on the most exquisite of designs. And Marie-Hélène De Taillac has definitely done a brilliant job with this incredible jewelry collection.

Marie-Hélène De Taillac

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