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Mansory Delivers A Unique Wide-Body Mercedes-AMG GT S

By Victor Baker


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Wide-Body Mercedes-AMG GT S

The aftermarket specialists at Mansory have developed this outrageous wide bodywork version of the Mercedes-AMG GT S, which was first introduced at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. This thing blew everyone else out of the water, although the same team of tuners was convinced there was at least one more way of anteing the game.

That’s why the designers from Mansory focused on the rear end of the GT, where they’ve added a massive rear wing which enhances this supercar’s aggressive appearance and helps it get everyone’s attention, while improving the air flow as well. The powerful rear wing and the remodeled rear spoiler seem to match the existing bodywork design perfectly, with that ruby red shade complementing carbon fiber in a unique manner.

Wide-Body Mercedes-AMG GT S

The person who commissioned this particular Mercedes-AMG GT S had big track dreams in mind, which is why Mansory went on to tweak the engine and optimize performance even further. First, the car tuners replaced the existing turbochargers with larger turbos, and then they’ve equipped this car with a high-flow air filter and optimized its ECU, to squeeze a lot more power from that impressive 4.0 liter V8.

As such, this supercar now benefits from an astonishing output of 730 horsepower, which is 217 hp more than the standard model, which comes with 503 hp. That’s more than enough to take this supercar from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds and help it max out at 330 km/h.

Inside the cabin, there’s a new control center, that blends functionality and comfort with a new sports steering wheel featuring a carbon inlay, new aluminum pedals and the luxurious hand-crafted elements and leather touches all around the cockpit, which add to the high-quality builds that Mansory is well-known for.

There’s no clue on pricing for this particular ride, but you can safely bet this thing didn’t come cheap.

Wide-Body Mercedes-AMG GT S

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