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The charming 14th Century Swedish Castle Fogelvik Slott is up for Sale

By Victor Baker


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Fogelvik Slott

Here’s the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to own one of Sweden’s most incredible castles, a 14th century fortress called Fogelvik Slott. This beautiful castle was originally the home of Karl Knutsson Bonde, who was the king of Sweden three different times during the 1400s, and also the king of Norway for two years.

The unique property has been recently listed for sale, and it can be yours once you pay just $4.2 million, if you can afford it. The castle was passed through Karl’s heirs, from one clan to the other, until its current owners restored the castle and grounds back in 1995, allowing it to impress people once again with its former grandeur.

Fogelvik Slott

We think we can all understand the advantages of owning a castle, that was formerly inhabited by a king; think of the social gatherings and the stories you could tell here. A formal entrance hall leads to many of the castle’s unique rooms, such as an ornate oval dining room with 20-foot ceilings, wall paintings by J.B. Masreleiz and a wonderful terrace which overlooks the sea.

There’s also an oval billiards room, and a generous master suite, plus many bedrooms for your lucky guests – all included in the aforementioned price-tag. The estate comprises a little over 3-acres with waterfront, over 11,800 square feet of space, and offers views that could literally take your breath away. Sold!

Fogelvik Slott


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