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Malcolm McKeon’s 73m MM725 Sailing Yacht is a Visual Treat

By Thom Esveld


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The brilliant team behind Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design has recently released a couple of details and more photos with the mesmerizing interior design of their new 73 meter MM725 sailing yacht. At first glance, the interior looks sophisticated and posh, matching the yacht’s glorious exterior and it’s packed with so many luxury amenities.

The MM725 was revealed earlier this year and we already know it’s a super modern vessel, that was designed with comfort, complete luxury and smooth cruising in mind. The design of this sleek sailing yacht encompasses fold down balconies and plenty of glass sections, giving it a feel of blending with the surrounding nature.

Getting more light inside the yacht was one of the main focuses of the design and it became fundamental for the overall structure of the yacht.

Malcolm McKeon MM725 2

The interior is highly functional and super comfortable at the same time, with large sofas on the sides of the formal dining area which leads out onto the main deck and towards the cockpit. The folding balconies give a feeling of space through the use of curved glass panels never before seen in any other yacht of this size; they also offer uninterrupted views on each side of the yacht.

The foredeck tender bay can transform into a gorgeous swimming pool that’s illuminated at night, creating a perfect on deck experience. Meanwhile, the owner’s suite sits at the stern in a part free from other crew activity, giving off privacy. The master suite is bordering a nice beach club setup, with a very large swim platform and an intimate lounge area surrounded by floor to ceiling windows on each side.

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