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Magnificent villa in the heart of Tenerife

By Adrian Prisca


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This luxurious 10 bedroom villa is probably one of the most beautiful properties from Tenerife, Spain, ideal for someone who enjoys the finer things in life! Located in Los Menores, the property sits on a plot of 5,800m2 and features a large private swimming pool, pool bar, jacuzzi, private beach with bar, garden, electric entrance with video entry, an area for a tennis court and many, many more goodies.

The main house is the focal point of this property with 6 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms,, a sweeping staircase, a fully fitted kitchen, large lounge and dning area and lovely interior design. In the rear of the property there is also a luxury 4 bedroom apartment with 4 ensuite bathrooms with its own entrance, terrace and garden.

The views from the property are amazing and guests could enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and southern coastline at any time of the day. Currently, the owners rent out the main house for between 3,200-4,500 GBP per week and it’s booked for the majority of the year and every guest seems to love this amazing home and location.

The property is currently listed for sale for “just” 3.5 million EUR or around $5 million US but I’m sure the future owner will think it was worth every single penny after spending just a couple of weeks here. If you can’t afford it but you still want to spend a couple of days on this beautiful island, you could always look for cheap flights to Tenerife and get ready for a lovely vacation here!

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