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Magical Dome House in Thailand

By Brian Pho


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Having chosen a totally opposite design to conventional, Steve Areen penned down his own dome home in the middle of an organic mango farm. Found in northeastern Thailand, this gorgeous looking thing has really caught our eyes.

Steve Areen used to work as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines before raising this beauty. He had reportedly drawn inspiration from his brother-in-law’s brother, having used a pivoting arm technique for creating a perfect sphere and then having built the small Dome House by making use of locally-manufactured bricks. He had also relied on just two assistants, but finished it in as little as 6 weeks with costs of up to $8,000.

This gorgeous 500-square-foot miniature home hasn’t needed any sort of building permits, as laws in Thailand are quite permissive. Furthermore, the 6-week building process also includes the additions of screens, shelves, a small pond, gazebo, stonework, landscaping and doors, all of them having been manufactured by Steve Areen. The round-shaped home is also naturally illuminated thanks to cutouts in the roof and naturally cooled. As for the bedroom dome, it is capped with a nice grass roof, while the bathroom, which looks like an atrium, is packed with plants and fitted with subtle garnish like a bamboo faucet that funnels water into the very nice looking bowl-like hands of Buddha.

The first Dome House design of Steve Areen, the Magical Dome House in Thailand is painted in a gorgeous terracotta tone and decked with tropical landscaping. The next project to be put together by Steve will reportedly be located in Oregon and will be made from earthen bricks.


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