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Lamborghini Pregunta concept car on sale

By Brian Pho


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Lamborghini’s limited edition cars are being sold precisely like hot bread, way before they even make it out of the production line. For example, the recently launched Lamborghini Veneno was shortly sold at the same time with the brand’s 50th anniversary. And it is now time for another Lambo to find itself a buyer, this time a concept piece.

The 1998 Lamborghini Pregunta concept car was recently listed for sale with a respectable price tag of $2.1 million. The unique concept car was put together by Carrosserie Heuliez-Torino, specialist manufacturers of all sorts of exotic editions. The base of the Pregunta is in fact a Lamborghini Diablo V12, with the Pregunta having been finished just one month before the brand got sold to Audi, in July 1998.

However, the short-term reputation of the Pregunta hadn’t been stained at all, with the car having been showcased on the occasion of the 1998 Salon de Paris and the 1998 Geneva Motor Show. Even the planning of the Pregunta used to be a little bit of a fuss, as the Italian hypercar manufacturer and the Italian division of the French car modifier  Carrosserie Heuliez-Torino were oscillating between basing the Pregunta on the Diablo V12 or just creating a unique, separate car. It all came out originally and very beautiful.

The hood of the Pregunta hides a V12 engine delivering 530 HP, allowing the Lambo to reach a massive top speed of 333 km/h. Unlike the all-wheel-drive transmission of the Diablo, the Pregunta was fitted with rear-wheel-drive for wilder rides. The radiators had to be repositioned as well, towards the front end, while the series of changes was rounded by the closed-convertible theme of the half-roofs.

Ever wondered what the source of inspiration for the design of the Pregunta was? Here’s the answer – the car is inspired by the Dassault Rafale fighter jet. The stealth paintwork of the car is just like the one of the plane, alongside the fully electronic F1-like Marelli instruments, Schrott safety belt harness, fiber optic lighting system, rear view camera, Cristine GPS system, a cockpit design similar to combat aircrafts’, redesigned air intake system and CDI.

Design-wise, the rear of the Pregunta is particularly interesting – it looks aggressive and sleek, with an engine lid that takes up a lot of space but doesn’t at all spoil the aerodynamics of the car.


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