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The Luxurious Sea Arches Estate Offers Stunning Views of the Pacific Ocean

By Brody Patterson


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Set on California’s Mendocino coast, overlooking the Pacific from atop a peninsular promontory 160 feet high, Sea Arches is a marvelous property that offers all the modern comforts you could ask for, in addition to other advantages which, though intangible, will certainly be very appreciated by the new owners.

Hidden from view by a small forest of Monterey cypress trees, the spectacular mansion lies at the end of a winding, tree-lined drive, a perfect introduction to this secluded, yet opulent haven. It offers over 4,200 square-feet of living spaces, which include four bedrooms, two mezzanines, two mini-lofts, and five full bathrooms, however the most significant drawing point isn’t actually part of the home, but is instead something that the home offers – truly breathtaking vistas.

Seemingly designed to give residents the best possible views of the Pacific, the structure has a cantilevered, raised deck off the living-room mezzanine (which is incredibly close to the ocean), but also glass walls, a feature which take advantage of the fact that there’s something impressive to see in every direction, whether it’s the endless expanses of water on one side, or the wooded mountains on the other.

Luxurious and ideally located, Sea Arches comes with a price tag of $4,395 million.


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