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Luxurious Hydraulic Underground Garage Parking

By Adrian Prisca


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Cardok, a UK-based company, has come up with one of the greatest and coolest ideas for parking in a world where people are constantly searching for more space. They developed a luxurious underground hydraulic garage which can save space and also park your car safely with a simple push of a button.

Cars can be even parked on top of each other which makes this garage really efficient for urban areas too. This neat garage is powered by an electronic hydraulic system which lifts and lowers a platform to show or hide your car. Every deck of the platform can support a weight of 3 tons which means this garage is perfect for a family with two normal cars.

There are already a couple of these luxurious hydraulic underground garages installed in the UK and probably more and more people who like this idea would like to own one too.

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