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Louis Vuitton’s Matsuya Boutique Is A Fashionable Statement of Design

By Victor Baker


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Louis Vuitton Matsuya

Louis Vuitton’s Matsuya Boutique is a gorgeous new building nestled right in the heart of Tokyo’s popular upscale shopping area of Ginza. The visitors who pass by this new LV store will get an incredible surprise every day, when the sun goes down, as this bold and innovative construction lights up like a giant lantern.

Designed by the the acclaimed Japanese architect Jun Aoki, the Louis Vuitton Matsuya boutique shows off a gorgeous exterior featuring the brand’s iconic Damier Canvas pattern, that’s integrated with hundreds of LED lights.

The façade features two layers of 5 mm modular aluminum panels, with star- and funnel-shaped elements decorating the entire building, and LEDs hiding beneath these star panels to help accentuate the stunning 3D visual impact.

Louis Vuitton Matsuya

The building’s unique shape and “skin” is complemented by a pearl paint finish, which makes this iconic store equally impressive during the day as well. This innovative design is actually the eight project Aoki has completed for the French Maison, with another gorgeous store in Hong-Kong and one in New York City looking as interesting and appealing as you’d expect them to be.

Each construction offers a fresh interpretation and a mesmerizing glance of modern architecture techniques, while capturing Louis Vuitton’s unique essence and inspiration.

Louis Vuitton Matsuya

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