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London Retailer Harrods Receives its Own Montblanc Summit

By Victor Baker


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Montblanc Summit Harrods

The brilliant people behind the Montblanc Summit have decided to honor the world’s most iconic cities by designing a wonderful series of city skyline watch faces for their new smartwatch, and the first to show off its beauty is the London dial, set to be available exclusively at the renowned luxury department store Harrods.

From London to Berlin, or Milan to New York, some of the world’s greatest cities are going to be showcased on these stunning smartwatches, with extraordinary skylines featuring the most important sights in those towns. Can you speculate which other cities are on that list?

Montblanc Summit Harrods

Montblanc’s first smartwatch aims to be the ideal travel companion, promising users a quick and smart way to travel, while focusing on what really matters. The animated watch faces will encapsulate the most iconic architecture and reflect the current weather as part of the display, which might come in handy while moving around the town by foot.

London’s skyline needs no more introductions or detailing, as everyone who knows anything about the British capital will instantly recognize the landmarks on this dial. Furthermore, the smartwatch also shows off other elegant Montblanc watch faces, with the Milan, Berlin and New York versions set to arrive later this year.

Montblanc Summit Harrods

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