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Lito Green Motion Showcases The Sora Electric Motorbike

By Brody Patterson


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Lito Green Motion is the first Canadian company to release an electric motorbike that is not only environmentally friendly, but also does not compromise on performance, handling, and style.

Called Sora, the motorbike was first showcased in 2011 and is currently available at dealerships in Canada and Germany, with the US and France soon to follow. With regard to the technical specs, Sora features a lightweight aluminum chassis and carbon fiber fairing, while a liquid-cooled 3-phase induction engine draws its power from a set of 12 kWh lithium-polymer battery modules. The bike’s maximum speed is 118mph, while its range is 124 miles in the city and over 62 miles on the highway. After the power runs out, you’ll have to wait about 9 hours for the vehicle to be fully recharged.

Prices for the Lito Green Motion Sora motorbike start at C$46,339 (about $42,000).


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