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Limited Edition Cristallino Gold Football Table by Teckell

By Adrian Prisca


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Teckell has unveiled a couple of days ago probably be the most amazing foosball table in the world right now, the cool Cristallino Gold Football Table, part of the brand new Calcio Balilla Collection. The coolest part of this exquisite football table is that it’s decked with 24-carat gold plated accessories.

It is also a great continuation of the perfection Teckell has always given proof of. This one is actually the most elegant and luxurious piece from the whole Teckell Calcio Balilla Collection. This superb football is aimed to make enthusiasts drool. It weighs an astonishing 142 kg and it’s crafted from aluminum and crystal glass.

Made by Italian artists, the player field is decked with transparent black color and crystal glass, while the accessories and handles are plated with nickel and 24-carat gold. The entire collection features limited edition tables, like the Contropiede, Contropiede White, Contropiede Wood, Angolo, Cristallino and Intervallo – the last one crafted from walnut and ash woods.

They are all perfect for playing this great sport indoors, and can also make for a great piece of décor, while the Cristallino is the most precious of them all.


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