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Lightweight Aluminum iPad ‘Tank Case’ by Andrea Ponti

By Adrian Prisca


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Just recently we’ve stumbled upon a staggering casing for the Apple iPad. This extremely lightweight aluminium case was dubbed Tank Case and is bound to provide your precious gadget with a high degree of safety. The project was brought to light by Andrea Ponti.

This already famous young Italian designer has managed to put together a light, pressure resistant, shock absorbing and very smooth casing which reportedly fits every iPad out there. Built to protect the most expensive of the lot, it weighs just 275 grams and sports two aluminium shells and an ABS clasp which allows the top shell to rotate a full 360 degrees and fade under the iPad.

There are some interesting aspects about the Tank Case, first of them being the functionality of the two shells – the bottom shell is shaped in such a way that it appears to be wrapping the device around, holding it tight, and internally lined with a polymeric membrane which is incredibly thin; the top shell, on the other hand, sports a 1.25 mm raised cross pattern increasing the scratch-resistance factor of the case and deadening any eventual damage that may be caused by accidental dropping.

In addition, the Tank Case can easily be converted into a genuine iPad stand if one rotates the top shell – this enables the user to have a better control of the device.

We have also chosen some additional points of interest regarding the Tank Case: for example, when engaging in video calls, the vertical stand conversion provides a full frontal view, which is ideal for such purposes; when writing stuff, a portion of the clasp rises, allowing for a 14-degree rotation of the screen and therefore increasing the comfort of typing; when browsing the internet or reading, the top shell can be hidden behind the tablet, providing a much better grip while, at the same time, protecting the ports and the photocamera; ultimately, one great advantage of the Tank Case is that the top shell can be positioned in the back, at various angles – this is perfect for those who enjoy watching movies on their iPad.

The sleek Tank Case can now be yours for just $100 a piece.


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