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Leyla Abdollahi’s New Lust & Lure Jewelry Collection

By Brody Patterson


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Leyla Abdollahi is a London-based award-winning jewelry designer. After graduating Central Saint Martins in 2005 with a BA in Jewelry Design, she studied fine arts and gemology, while also working in the fashion industry and creating well-received custom items for individual clients. Now, in addition to the creation of custom pieces and collaborations with companies both in Britain and abroad, she runs her own brand, recently releasing an exquisite new collection called Lust & Lure.

The new series can boast more than just an alluring name. It features a number of beautiful pieces showcasing a modern take on the Art Deco style of the 1920s, while at the time adding a distinctive personal touch. These vintage-looking items heavily feature yellow, white, and black gold, as well as green emeralds, white diamonds, and onyx stones.

Influenced by the flamboyant style of the `20s, and going way back, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, Leyla Abdollahi’s Lust & Lure collection is sure to attract some attention with its marvelous vintage jewelry.


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