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Lexus LF-CC concept unveiled before the Paris Motor Show

By Adrian Prisca


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It has come to our ears that Lexus should have presented more information on their brand new concept LF-CC, a mid-size coupé, on the 17th of September, a car due to be revealed in Paris. And so they did! The car may as well feature the overall appearance of the 2014 Lexus IS.

The “spindle” grill, traditional to Lexus, is this time much more aggressive, probably the most aggressive ever manufactured by the automaker. In addition, the leading edge of the hood frames the stunning grille, and, at the same time, it projects the front fender tips and the deep lower spoiler, which is, in turn, encased in a metal-finish deep surround. As for the rear of the vehicle, a large bumper beautifully flows into the wheel arches, while the sleek rear stop lamp comes integrated within the shark antenna.

The car is propelled by the already stereotypical Lexus Hybrid Drive based on a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter gasoline engine alongside a compact permanent magnet electric engine. The car also comes equipped with a generator, power split device that combines and reallocates power from the gasoline engine, generator and electric motor, depending on the needs, and a high performance battery.

Objectively, a compact power control unit controls the high-speed interaction of the system’s components, while the planetary reduction gears accomplish the power changes.

As for the car’s interior, there are two different zones on the dashboard – the Operation Zone and the Display Zone. Through the Operation Zone, access is provided to the shift lever and the touch tracer display for the remote system control, while the Display Zone features a multi-display screen, on the upper side.

In our opinion, this is quite a stunner!


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