Leica Releases New M-P Type 240 Professional Rangefinder Camera

The new Leica M-P type 240 professional rangefinder camera is an improved version of the Leica M model, keeping the latter’s design and core features, while also making a few modifications.

In terms of design, the most notable difference is the removal of the red brand logo, which some users thought was a little bit too conspicuous. The company’s logo is now displayed on top of the camera, which is consistent with the slogan it was released under, which is “Perfect understatement”.

Leica has also made more substantive improvements as well, like the addition of 2GB of internal storage and sapphire glass over the LCD to protect it from scratches. With its full-frame 24MP CMOS sensor and 2GB of built-in RAM, the new M-P digital is “twice as fast” as the standard M, according to the manufacturer. Other features include an ISO range of 200 – 6400, a shutter speed of 1/4000s – 60 seconds, and the ability to shoot three frames per second until the internal storage reaches its limit.

The camera can already be pre-ordered, with the silver-chrome finish version available from late August and the black paint finish model available starting mid-September. The price for each piece is set at $7950.