Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition Corsa by RENM

It seems like the thirst for refining the awesome Lamborghini Aventador has overwhelmed another tuning firm – RENM Performance. They’ve conceived a track-focused aerodynamics and performance package for the fabled super sportscar, dubbed as the Limited Edition Corsa (aka LE-C).

It is almost obvious their package bears influence from the Aventador J concept. It sports an electronically operated rear wing and a redone aerodynamics carbon fiber kit. The performance upgrades on the other hand are a bit more extensive, featuring re-designed air intakes, an ECU remapping and the addition of a brand new titanium exhaust system – the changes have created a 9 to 11 percent increase in the engine’s output.

The car’s chassis has received a few modifications as well, including a set of light weight center-lock race specification wheels wrapped in optional racing tires, a racing brake kit with air flow inlets, brake cooling chambers, revised engine and an adjustable suspension.

As for the interior, it has been covered in Alcantara and an array of carbon fiber trims and pieces has been added. In addition, RNEM have mounted a set of light weight race seats wrapped in Alcantara with the LE-C inscription and safety harnesses, plus different smaller range upgrades.