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The Lalique Soulmates Jewelry Collection Evokes an Ancient Mythical Love Story

By Brody Patterson


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French glass and jewelry designer Lalique has unveiled the Soulmates collection, featuring a series of truly exquisite pieces made from gold, diamonds, sapphires, pearls, and other precious stones. The collection is designed to tell a mythical story of love through different chapters of its collection – Psyché, Eros and Muguet Lily of the Valley.

Reminiscent of the ancient myth of the soulmates, the butterfly motif is a tribute to Psyché, a beautiful princess who caught the eye of the God of Love, Eros (Cupid) himself. The Ailes de Psyché (Wings of Psyché) is a finely chiseled piece, with lace-like gold, creating openwork in which the metal delicately highlights a series of colorful gemstones.

According to Roger van der Weid, Managing Director of Lalique and CEO of Art & Fragrance, the collection, which is the work of Quentin Obadia, the company’s Head of Jewelry Design, draws inspiration from René Lalique’s sketches of wings drawn all the way back in 1890 to 1910, during the Art Nouveau movement. Its motifs, he added, such as butterflies, arrows, flower blossoms, and the house’s signature lily of the valley, are also in line with the founder’s original romantic attitude.

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