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Ladoga Imperial Collection Vodka in Fabergé-Style Eggs

Being accustomed to seeing expensive Chateau wines and exquisite old Scotch bottles, we were truly astonished by the fact that vodka catches up. The Russians from Ladoga have created something truly unique: vodka bottles disguised and contained into Faberge-like eggs.

The eggs in particular were crafted from crystals, enamel and 24-carat gold gilding. Their contents number a bottle of super premium Ladoga vodka, four Venetian glasses and a decanter. Furthermore, each of the eggs has been festooned with a golden eagle on their top, designed by a Florentine master jewel-crafter.

The vodka is extremely exquisite, made from selected homegrown wheat and rye, with water coming from the largest fresh-water lake in Europe, Ladoga. Aiming sales of around 100 pieces per year, this exquisite piece was revealed recently. They are already available at Browns boutique on South Molton Street, in London.

The prices per piece go from $4,000 for the enamel eggs up to $8,600 for the gold&silver ones. It’s truly a nice addition to your luxurious in-home booze collection.



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