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The Little Good Harbour beachfront hotel in Barbados

By Adrian Prisca


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Barbados is a gorgeous tourist destination, a small state surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Located on Fort Rupert, just a few miles away from the Shermans fishing village, Little Good Harbour represents the ideal get-away spot for every holiday-fan out there.

A unique resort and a private beachfront hotel at the same time, Little Good Harbour features a total of 15 luxurious villa suites, with 1 up to 3 bedrooms each, at guests’ desire. Beautifully decorated using mixtures of Caribbean and Balinese styles, the villas are remarkably elegant.

These, combined with its tropical location, make this place truly unique. Furthermore, the main attraction of the place is The Fish Pot water’s edge restaurant, which is very popular among residents and very inviting for people worldwide.

There’s also the historical aspect of the hotel that we shall mention, this meaning an invitation as well. Having its roots back in the 17th century, the fort is now completely restored in the upper-mentioned styles, and hosts the local restaurant and bar plus two of the hotel’s luxury suites.

The one and two-bedroom suites are contained by whitewashed coral-stone cottages and decorated in the typical Caribbean style, in total harmony with the natural surroundings. Furthermore, the resort now features brand new Vineyard suites that are even more relaxing and private.

Two superb swimming pools are built at the spot, one of them being embellished with greenery in a Romanesque mood, while the other is a lot vaster, fitted with cushioned wicker loungers and cool grey slate. The last but not the least thing to mention is The Little Spa, where one can enjoy a full spa menu in a private treatment room.

If these aren’t enough, you may choose to get out and do some shopping in Speightstown, just two miles away from the resort, while the airport is an hour away.


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