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Kormaran is a Cool Transformer-Boat Concept

By Brody Patterson


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Developed by the eponymous Austrian company, Kormaran is more than just a really cool-looking new boat concept – it is, as its creators point out, in “a new boat class altogether.”

This awesome Transformer-like vehicle can go from monohull, to catamaran, to trimaran, to bathing deck – so basically any kind of seafaring machine you need, you got it. And for a real treat, switch the Kormaran into flight mode, and you get a hydrofoil boat which shoots across the surface of the water with 80% decreased resistance, allowing it to reach top speeds of up to 38 knots (44 mph, 70km/h).

The boat’s structural parts are made from lightweight carbon fiber, which means the 7-meter LOA vessel tips the scales at a little over 3,300 lbs (1,500 kg), and has a range at maximum speed of 108 nautical miles (200 km).

Kormaran was in Salzburg, Austria in 2010 and built its first prototype three years later. This year the company is working on a second prototype. No word regarding pricing details or even an estimated release date yet, but we’re really hoping the Kormaran concept becomes a reality soon.


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