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Kingston Custom Turned This BMW R100 Into a Museum-Worthy Motorcycle

By Victor Baker


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Some motorcycles look so stunning that they belong in a museum, hang on collectors’ walls, or get ridden only on those warm sunny days of summer. That’s the case with this extraordinary bike from Kingston Custom, an art-deco inspired request from a client, that ended up in the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Called Good Ghost, this breathtaking motorcycle is the third ‘Phantom’ bike designed by Dirk Oehlerking and built at Kingstom Custom’s workshop in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

This art deco masterpiece is made from a 1980 BMW R100 RS motorcycle, that received a spectacular hand shaped body, crafted from 2mm thick aluminum. The front of the bike has a retro-futuristic look, with a beautiful set of kidney grilles inspired by the classic BMW 328 roadster and a recessed headlight sitting above it. 

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Underneath this amazing body, the Kingston Custom Good Ghost houses an additional smart fuel cell right behind the transmission, while an external fuel pump pushes the liquid power where needed.

The carburetors have been also moved inside the fairing and the custom motorcycle maker has also equipped this beauty with K&N filters and custom intake manifolds. 

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The unique bodywork is finished with a stainless steel exhaust that seems to trace the bike’s sinuous lines, following the baseline of the hand shaped structure all the way to the tapered tail

The rider gets to sit on top of this motorcycle on a custom leather saddle, which extends all the way up to the curved front and features a row of superb Kingston-branded gauges. The whole saddle can flip up to reveal a leather-lined cubby that could store a bottle, two glasses and a corkscrew – in case you want to celebrate any ride on this bike.

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In the back, there are also a few surprises, where two panels hinged and secured by leather clasps will open up to reveal a vintage tool kit on the left and a selection of classic silverware on the right.

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