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Kas Dorrie is a Beautiful Caribbean Retreat

By Brody Patterson


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Set on the picturesque island of Bonaire, in the Caribbean, Kas Dorrie is wonderfully secluded retreat offering breathtaking views of the sea, stunning natural surroundings, and all the modern luxuries you’d expect from a high-end resort.

The four-bedroom villa offers 6,200 square-feet of airy and elegant living spaces, beautifully decorated and luxuriously appointed. Three of the bedrooms are located on the ground floor and offer garden views, while the fourth is on the top floor and thus in prime position to provide ocean views from its balcony.

Kas Dorrie’s location makes it a prime destination for those who enjoy water activities. Visitors can try snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, or fishing in some of the most beautiful waters in the Caribbean. The island also boasts great beaches, the closest being just a short drive away from the resort. It’s also worth mentioning that the town of Kralendijk, Bonaire’s capital, with its shops, galleries, and restaurants, is also just a 10 minute drive away.


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