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Jordan Ridgley’s Porsche seating area

Jordan Ridgley Porsche seating area 1

Jordan Ridgley has designed a seating area that might be perfect for the living room of any car enthusiast. The Porsche Seating area was conceptualized to be used inside the Porsche headquarters and was inspired from the company’s renowned style and class.

The seating area shows efficiency, simplicity and innovation blended together in a marvelous design that will catch everyone’s attention. The design of the chairs has a couple of styling cues from the famous Porsche 911 and brings to mind Porsche’s tradition for sleek and sexy supercars.

All chairs are made from laminated plywood, leather and chrome, a combination of materials that’s also used in the cockpit of almost every modern Porsche. The Porsche Seating Area by Jordan Ridgley is still a concept at the moment but I’m sure we’d all love to have one like it in our living room and maybe this feedback will get it closer to reality.

[Source: Jordan Ridgley]


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