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Is David Guetta’s Miami Penthouse Really Cool Or What?

By Victor Baker


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David Guetta's Miami Penthouse

The famous French DJ and producer, David Guetta, has packed numerous arenas with his DJ sets and topped the charts with his hit records every year. Which is why he can afford to call home this penthouse in Miami’s GranParaiso tower.

The stunning property is a marvelous two-floor apartment, designed specifically for the jet-setting DJ/producer by architect and designer, Piero Lissoni. It comes with three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and even private elevator access.

David Guetta's Miami Penthouse

With 2,472 square feet of space on the first floor alone, and an extra 430 square feet of outdoor space that includes a terrace, this penthouse looks more and more impressive. The first floor also comprises the master bedroom suite, a double-volume foyer, a great room, as well as an open kitchen.

Moving upwards, the 2,130-square-foot roof terrace includes a private pool, a summer kitchen, and a stunning deck. This means that the second floor has almost as much outdoor space as the first floor holds indoor space – not bad at all, right?

The GranParaiso tower also offers amenities like a pool, a pool deck, a tennis court, a fitness center, a movie theater, a bowling alley, a spa and a yoga room. And for a building that’s still under construction, this penthouse will definitely finish anyone off.

We don’t know the price-tag of David Guetta’s Miami Penthouse but I think we can all agree it’s worth every single penny.

David Guetta's Miami Penthouse


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