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Introducing the Magical Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1

By Victor Baker


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Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1

Back in 2015, Chopard launched a new brand, named after one of the most important figures in the evolution of precision timekeeping: the Swiss chronometer master Ferdinand Berthoud. Today, this high-end label has added yet another stunning piece to its already impressive collection, the Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1.

This watch could be easily considered a true connoisseur’s piece, blending a marvelous tourbillon/fusée-chain movement with the original regulator-type display and an ultra-resistant carburized stainless steel case.

Based on previous versions of the Chronomètre FB 1, the new Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1 is an ode to its makers, with several complications inspired by scientific instruments and marine chronometers to improve precision. But this watch also makes a powerful visual statement, with its stunning tourbillon opening on the dial side, while the minimalist dial balances everything out.

Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1

The dial, which is made of nickel silver, vertically satin-brushed by hand and then black rhodium-plated, is a unique type of regulator where all the indications are split to bring the best possible view. A patent has been filed for the sophisticated power-reserve indication, that’s how special this watch really is.

The new Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1 also features an innovative 44 mm case with the same overall design as the FB 1 and octagonal-shaped case-bands completing the overall look of this corrosion-resistant and biocompatible creation. On the inside, the watch features a constant-force fusée-and-chain movement, with all the parts meticulously decorated by hand.

Only 20 such stunning pieces will ever be produced, adding to the value of what most likely will become a collector’s item. We don’t have any official price-tags yet, but we’re sure you might guess its real value.

Chronomètre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1R.6-1

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