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Inside The Extraordinary Tesla Cybertruck: Luxury or Lame?

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Tesla Cybertruck 1

Now, car design is always subjective, but the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck polarizes opinion with its outlandish and brutalist design.

The design team of this futuristic truck is led by Franz von Holzhausen and you’re likely to love it or hate it. This truck is not the kind of thing you look at without forming a strong opinion.

Today, though, we’re not as much concerned with that commanding exterior as what the Tesla truck is like on the inside.

So, how do things stack up when you get in this thing?

Step Inside The Tesla Truck

Tesla Cybertruck 11

The Tesla pulls off a Tardis-like trick. It looks bulky but not overly spacious from the outside, but inside, there’s plenty of space for the driver and the passengers to spread out.

The design of the stainless steel body – Elon Musk calls this the exoskeleton – helps to create plenty of space in the cabin. The build uses 30x cold-rolled steel alloy just like the material used in the SpaceX Mars rocket prototype .

Thinking of prototypes, it must be pointed out that these impressions really are first impressions. The overall feel of this truck is very much of a work-in-progress. That hasn’t stopped 147,000 people shelling out for a deposit on this vehicle.

Tesla Cybertruck 12

Before we step inside, though, that unibody might reinvent the wheel in terms of the way trucks are constructed in 2020, but the safety question raised could see a surge in pedestrians looking for an accident lawyer if any truck runs amok. There’s certainly no give in the Tesla!   

The raw finish, peaked roof, and steel panels translate to the Mad Max aesthetic and a rectangular box on wheels. The forward-slanted cab with glass in place of a traditional hood.

In the back, you get another single sheet of metal that recedes to the roofline allowing you full access to the lockable bed.

Six adults can pile into this truck and sprawling in comfort. Leather seats are angular and supportive without stiffing you on the comfort front.

Tesla Cybertruck 15

The 17-inch control panel acts as your command center. The interface is responsive and easy enough to navigate. The benefits of owning an electric vehicle are numerous, including some extra storage space under the second row of seats; but that’s not the extent of the space on offer here…

You get 100 cubic feet of lockable storage so you have the room to shoehorn in pretty much anything you need for a lengthy road trip.

The original remit for Cybertruck was to serve up the performance of a sports car with all the added advantages of a truck. When we consider the above figures and the multipurpose nature of this ride, we have to say that, aesthetics set aside, Musk has once again delivered as promised.

How far can go with this electric truck on steroids, though?

Tesla Cybertruck: Stats

Tesla Cybertruck 8

The Cybertruck comes in three distinct models:

  • Single motor RWD
  • Dual motor AWD
  • Tri motor AWD

Range differs from 250 miles through to 500 miles plus with the range-topper.

You’ll find acceleration also varies from a brisk 6.5 second to hit 60 mph in the base model, an impressive 4.5 seconds in the dual motor AWD version and a blistering 2.9 seconds for the tri motor AWD.

Prices reflect this difference in performance. You can also bundle a complete self-driving package if you want to future-proof your new ride.

Now, you’re obviously not likely to buy this truck purely for its pace and handling. After all, if that’s your main priority, there are plenty of brisker options already available and ready to drive. How does it shape up in areas where trucks should excel?

While you might not benefit from any paint options and there’s no traditional bed either, you’ll still be able to pull just about anything behind this car up to 14,000 pounds with the most expensive truck. The entry-level model can still handle loads to 7,500 pounds, while the mid-range truck can pull 10,000 pounds without struggling.

How Does The Tesla Range Look in 2020?

Tesla Cybertruck 4

It’s fair to say Musk has now covered all bases with the Tesla line with most of the major vehicle segments accounted for.

The Model S is a roomy sedan, the Model 3 a compact sedan, the Model Y a nifty crossover, and the Model X as a large SUV. Throw in the Roadster and the truck completes a winning line-up.

Industry experts feel this truck is unlikely to disrupt the status quo any time soon. According to Matt Lorenzo, a senior exec at Kelley Blue Book , Cybertruck will be “ a niche product at best ” and “ poses no threat ” to the pickup market.

This comes as no real surprise, but we feel this shift in design and the multipurpose nature of Cybertruck will be far more disruptive over the coming years.

Final Thoughts

Tesla Cybertruck 7

You might very well take one look at this truck and decide you wouldn’t be seen in it under pain of death. We get that, and we’re certainly not here to convince you otherwise.

More likely, though, you’ll see in this truck the vehicle of the future. Aggressive yet green, utilitarian and minimalist yet deceptively comfortable. The Cybertruck is a vehicle of contradictions, yet in many ways that’s one of its key selling points.

One thing is pretty clear: from the inside and the outside, you’re unlikely to think of this truck as average.

So, are you one of those 147,000 eager customers who’ve already shelled out a deposit, are you still on the fence, or is the Tesla Cybertruck you wouldn’t think about buying even if you won the lottery?

Whatever your thoughts, you’ll need to be patient. Production of the lower-end Tesla trucks is slated to begin some time in late 2021. The tri motor model is not due until 2022 at the earliest.

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