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Igor Jankovic Plans to Shock and Awe with the Grafito Sailing Yacht

By Victor Baker


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Grafito Sailing Yacht

Called Grafito, this extraordinary sailing yacht is a superb concept inspired by the idea of using graphene as the main building material for a vessel. This special type of material is perfect to reduce corrosion and also significantly improves upon the quality of the build, making this yacht stand out from all others sailing the seas right now.

Igor Jankovic, the man who imagined this innovative vessel, dreamed about a geometry of forms, amazing lights and a symphony of flowing lines. His sailing yacht seems to come straight from the past, reminding us of good old times, while traveling towards the future to show off present ideas and brilliance. Who could say ‘no’ to that?

Grafito Sailing Yacht

The entire project was based around the “form follows function” principle, allowing people to experience something unique and beautiful. As this is nothing but a mere concept, at least for now, there are just a few details on the yacht’s wonderful interiors and amenities, but you’ll get an idea on how awesome this vessel would look like from some of these photos.

The sheer beauty and the unique, futuristic vibe of the Grafito Sailing Yacht should be more than enough to get us excited. And maybe a billionaire would find this yacht equally amazing and commission it, thus allowing us to admire the real deal as well or possible, even experience it.

Grafito Sailing Yacht

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