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IBV’s Billionaires-Only Bank Vault in London Opens for the Ultra Rich

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Billionaires only, please! There’s a new bank vault in London, designed exclusively for the ultra rich, that will open this month in a historic mansion on one of London’s most prestigious streets. Run by International Bank Vaults, this newly built facility will offer the most expensive safety deposit in the world and its select clients will be even chauffeured around London in a Rolls Royce.

If you want to keep your priciest possessions safe, then this brand new billionaires-only bank vault is the ideal place. Nestled in a charming 120-year old former mansion right next to the iconic Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, this luxurious facility won’t even deal with millionaires. It’s just for ten-figure clientele that will be treated like royalty.

IBV’s esteemed clients will be driven to and from the vault in the bank’s very own Rolls-Royce. Once they arrive at this super exclusive facility customers will go through a high-tech security checkpoint, that includes fingerprint and iris scans, before a “white gloved custodian” will help them collect their safety deposit box.

The whole experience should feel like going to an exclusive private members club than an actual bank.

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As you might expect, security is top notch inside out, with the vaults being protected by steel lined walls, ceilings and floors, to block thieves from tunneling below. The smallest safety deposit box, which is 2 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 19 inches deep, will set you back £600 ($776) annually, but let’s face it, for billionaires this is only a drop in the ocean. They can store there a few gold bars, diamonds or precious jewelry.

Anyone can apply for a box here, but all applicants will be carefully vetted to make sure the bank maintains “a certain caliber of clients”. IBV offers complete discretion and privacy when it comes to the contents of each box and if there’s a billionaire who wants to store even more riches here, they can even offer you a whole room for £2.5 million ($3.25 million) / year.

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