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How to Create a Stylish Bedroom with a Luxury Bed

By Adrian Prisca


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There’s little doubt that the star attraction in any bedroom should be the bed, but how can you make sure yours is a bed that could entice Goldilocks herself, rather than something that looks like the latest Tracy Emin creation?

Simply throwing money on those crisp sheets used in luxury hotels won’t just cut it. There is much more to creating a hotel-like bedroom that is an epitome of luxury and grandeur.

Style & Design

The first step is to decide on the style of bed. Divan beds may have a reputation for function over style, but some modern designs ooze luxury with high quality upholstered frames and a selection of headboards available. The storage space in a divan can be used for the extra cushions that, as we will see, are a great way to make your bed stand out.

It’s fair to say, however, that more elaborate beds, such as sleigh beds, have a sense of grandness about them that instantly makes them more eye-catching than the humble divan.


Most styles of bed come in a range of materials including wood, faux leather and metal. In turn these materials may naturally come in different colors or they may be painted or treated to change their appearance. While most people have tended to associate wooden beds with a more traditional design, these days there’s so much choice available you can combine traditional materials with contemporary and modern designs.

Material extends beyond what your bed frame is made out of. It’s also what makes up your sheets and mattress. Quality and eco-friendly materials are important for your overall health and quality of sleep. For example, if you suffer from back pain finding a mattress that’s made to alleviate that pain can make a huge difference in the quality of every night’s sleep.

Quilt covers

When choosing quilt covers bear in mind that the choice of material is just as important as any design choices. Not only will higher quality materials provide you with a more comfortable night’s sleep, they also simply look better. As far as selecting a design, plain white never fails to look elegant, as long as sheets are crisp and dazzlingly white. More ornate designs may use multiple textiles or feature intricate prints – bear in mind that already ornate beds may clash with particular styles of bedding.


To add further luxury to your bed consider adding a throw or bed runner and extra cushions in complementing colours. There are plenty of ways to use cushions, throws and bed spreads to make your bed unique and keep your bedroom up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Even in the plainest and smallest of bedrooms, luxury bedding combined with a stylish bed can instantly create a welcoming atmosphere.

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