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Amfora, Hvar grand beach resort in Croatia

By Adrian Prisca


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The Island of Hvar, part of Croatia’s Dalmatia county, is home to one staggering resort – the Amfora. Accessible by car and passenger ferry, planes, helicopters, yachts and high-speed catamarans, the resort can be found at the end of a three hour and 45 minute journey by ferry.

Working as both a state of the art conference facility and an extraordinary beach hotel, Amfora, Hvar, provides some of the best panoramas found throughout the Mediterranean. The resort provides a duly boost to Croatia’s field of tourism, boasting with unique architecture and a yacht-party background.

It simply wasn’t enough for the constructers and owners of this hotel to make it “just” a world-class vacation, therefore they’ve also organized it as top notch conference facility with top class boardrooms, features that entirely make it quite an astounding business retreat.

Featuring a total of 324 rooms and suites, the hotel is ready to provide world class services and luxury at just a fraction of the costs of other similar resorts. Nightly rates start at €113 or $149 at current exchange rates.


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