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Hold your cigars with Themis, the titanium Desktop Cigar Holder

By Adrian Prisca


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Solloshi, a London-based company specialized in designing supreme accessories made out of titanium, has just unveiled probably the world’s most awesome desktop cigar holder, dubbed as Themis. The guys from this company know titanium and the manufacturing technology very well, and since they also love cigars a lot, they’ve decided to put their experience and knowledge to work to create this jaw dropping cigar holder.

Featuring an extraordinary design which resembles a Colt cylinder, the large tabletop cigar-pod holder has been CNC machined from titanium and 7075 aluminium, the same material used to manufacture the M16 rifles for example.

The cigar pods are actually the bullets on this masterpiece, which features a rotating cylinder that glides on internal bearings to make that thrilling revolver sound. Each bullet or cigar tube comes with a small humidifier to keep the subtle aromas of your precious cigars. The length of the cigar tubes can be even customized upon request.

The Themis – Desktop Cigar Holder will be produced in a limited run of just 77 pieces, each of them priced at a staggering $9,500. It might look like much, but if you’re a cigar connoisseur, I’m sure it’s worth the price. If you like this incredible cigar holder, you could also check out other amazing creations from Solloshi, who seem to be really skilled in creating useful works of art from titanium.


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