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Highly Exclusive Aristocard Membership, With Tons of Perks for the Super-Rich

By Brody Patterson


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There are plenty of highly exclusive credit cards for the super-rich, like the American Express Centurion or the JPMorgan Palladium, but the Aristocard is something special. Not a credit card in the actual sense of the word, it’s a stylish metal card which can be linked to your credit or debit card and be used in basically the same way.

The perks of having an Aristocard are very impressive. You get last-minute restaurant reservations, rare access to highly exclusive events, night clubs, and parties, excellent travel packages, as well as discounts at some of the world’s best luxury stores. Another advantage is that you get access to prestigious events like the Grammys, Super Bowl, Monaco Grand Prix, NBA Playoffs, U.S. Open Tennis, or Indianapolis 500. Also part of package is the right to attend events like the Sundance Film Festival, Kentucky Derby, and even the New Year’s Eve parties at the Playboy Mansion.

As you might expect, the approval process is highly selective. First you have to apply on the company’s website, providing relevant information about yourself. After passing this initial phase, applicants will be contacted in order to set a face-to-face interview, after which the entire process can be completed. The annual membership fee for those approved is $250 per year.


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