High-Class Hotel in Maldives: Vivanta by Taj

Confined in the splendor of the Maldives, the Vivanta by Taj is a gorgeous hotel that perfectly combines tranquility with exquisiteness and traditionalism. The grandiose natural setting this hotel resides in is incredibly beautiful, enhancing the already obvious exquisiteness of the place.

Sharing wondrous ocean views and absolutely dramatic sunsets and sunrises, the hotel is a modern, contemporary means of entertainment and lounge encased in traditionalism and style. The rustic aspect of the bungalows will definitely provide a lot of romance, privacy and pleasance to anyone who chooses it as a getaway.

We’ve also found an interesting statement depicting the resort: “The twist comes when you step into your villa and instead of the usual beach décor, find a streamlined, sophisticated take on resort accommodations. Vivanta by Taj has revamped the resort experience from stem to stern and offers the ideal escape at a stunning value preposition.”

Guests can be accommodated within an entire range of rooms, from large beach-side porticoes to water villas and thatched beach villas, some of them boasting with private decks that protrude into the lagoon. Besides, a nearby shipwreck awaits enthusiasts to explore it, while the superb nearby reef is a great spot to find colors and nature living together.