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The Revolution glass by Yorb Design

By Adrian Prisca


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Want to add a little bit of exquisiteness to the experience of sharing a bottle of wine with someone dear? The guys from Yorb Design have come up with something rather intriguing and unique: a brand new type of glass, with a design that we haven’t seen before.

Reportedly named The Revolution, it is mainly a large, voluptuous vessel, opened through a large, circular orifice, enabling you to drink and enjoy the smell of the wine or whatever other liquor you’re enjoying – an interesting way to join the world of connoisseurs.

The vessel also features a slender stock, an asymmetrical rim and a flat base, so that it won’t be possible for it to spill. These all contribute to a nice look, attractive in many ways. The design is actually both stylish and functional, as it has been developed considering every pouring technique out there.

Above all, innovative minds will quickly realize that they can use the vessel for a huge load of purposes, from deserts to amuse bouche and small bites at dinner parties. Your collection of kitchenware would definitely get a higher mark if you added these.


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