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Harrods Shows Off the luxurious Balmoral Bespoke Pram

By Victor Baker


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balmoral bespoke

You probably know by know what to expect when you’re expecting. In any case, Harrods is now offering the most luxurious baby coach yet, and it’s called Balmoral Bespoke. This is the newest pram from Silver Cross, a top-end, fully customizable carriage for kids born with a silver spoon, or a Ferrari in the garage.

Set to be produced in a very limited run, with only 50 babies being able to feel spoiled in it, each of these prams will be handmade in England. They will feature a stunning, polished chrome body and a sumptuously soft leather hood and apron that’s going to be available in various colors. The pram sits on an amazing C-Spring chassis which comes with a lovely metallic finish and provides that special bouncing glide for which Silver Cross is pretty famous.

balmoral bespoke

The Balmoral Bespoke Pram will allow the privileged moms to enjoy a solid wood handle, available in a white or walnut finish. The opulent baby coach will also feature hand stitching and two individually engraved plaques, one featuring the child’s name and the second showing the pram’s limited edition number – unique finishes for an already extravagant product.

The Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke is available exclusively in Harrods, starting from $7,800.

balmoral bespoke

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