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Hammacher Schlemmer’s Flying Hovercraft is here

A company called Hammacher Schlemmer has recently come out with a brand new design for hovercrafts with their new project, the Flying Hovercraft. Endowed with wings that permit it to fly, reaching heights of up to 20 feet, in order to avoid eventual obstacles, this vehicle is planned to do so in every way. Even if it seems rather odd, that’s actually its side purpose.

Technically, it comes with a lightweight fiberglass and PVC hull, being powered by a 130 HP engine. Alongside a horizontal elevator, the 60-inch long wood and carbon fiber propeller, plus the 1100 RPM lift fan, combine their efforts to elevate the hovercraft up to twenty feet in the air.

Available for $190,000 per unit at Hammacher’s main internet page, this contraption surely doesn’t come cheap. It’s up to future owners to see if it is actually worth that staggering amount of greenies.



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