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Aston Martin DBS Ultimate Limited Edition

By Adrian Prisca


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Aston Martin has recently unveiled the last of the Aston Martin DBS series, a limited edition model dubbed as the “DBS Ultimate” that’s going to hit the market pretty soon.

Crafted from carbon fiber and featuring a special badging, the DBS Ultimate series is going to be available in Silver Fox, Carbon Black II and Quantum Silver paint styles. Whether volante or coupé versions, they all sport customized black interiors, wrapped consoles and quilted leather seatings. There’s also an extra possibility to choose between manual or automatic transmissions.

So far about the model, as we’ve not been announced in any way regarding performance, powertrain, price and availability. Anyways, the name Aston Martin describes every one of the unknown details – high performance, staggering prices and highly-efficient powertrain and control system. These photos may shed some light into the mystery of the DBS Ultimate.

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