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The H2OME is a Hi-Tech, Luxurious Underwater House

By Brody Patterson


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With more than two thirds of the planet covered in water, it’s not surprising a lot of people are entertaining the idea of living in dwellings built below the surface of seas or lakes. US Submarine Structures is a company offering hi-tech and luxurious homes for those who want to live underwater.

The (cleverly named) H2OME is made up of a two fully-submerged floors offering a total of 3,600-square-feet of luxurious living spaces. The top floor includes a couple of bedrooms with skylight (sealight?) views of the underwater world above, as well as two bathrooms and an open lounge area. The lower floor comprises of a master bedroom equipped with en-suite bath, kitchen with adjacent wine-cellar, dining area, library, lounge, an office space, several ocean viewing areas and most importantly, a bar. Access to the residence is gained from the shore via a private pier that allows entry to the home either via either a central elevator or spiral staircase.

In addition to the peace and quiet, a big selling point for the H2OME is the amazing panoramic views of the deep it offers through its acrylic panels. The location can be selected by the company, or chosen by the owners themselves, as long as the structure is built at the recommended depth of 33 to 59 feet (10 to 18 meters).

The price for a H2OME is somewhere around the $10 million mark. So while it would be awesome for more of us to leave the crowded cities and live underwater, this isn’t something which happen any time soon.


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